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NV200 Brakes Rear

Doing the rear brakes on the NV200 is quite straight-forward. Remove tire and pull off the drum by placing two #8 metric bolts into the drum itself and pull out...

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NV200 Solar Panel

I wanted a separate electrical system for camping and other uses so I put in a Solar Panel Kit. Total cost was about 350 Canadian dollars. This included a 100 w...

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NV200 Sliding Door Lock

A common problem with the NV200 occurs when you can't open one of the sliding doors from the outside of the vehicle. This occurs when a weak metal bracket gets ...

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Start Rotor and Pad


NV200 Brakes Front

Front brake pads are fairly easy to do on an NV200. Mine is a 2013 US model. The tools required are: --21mm socket for lug nuts --14mm socket for brake cali...

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Remove faceplate


NV200 Steering Wheel Audio Control

This project is to outline the steps you can take to hook up steering wheel control buttons from a stock Nissan NV200 van -- onto an aftermarket stereo unit wit...

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NV200 Roof Rack

NV200 Roof Racks are quite expensive. Also I couldn't find a basic simple roof rack for my van and didn't want a heavy duty industrial type. No other choice tha...

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Nissan NV200 Radio Wiring

I'm installing an aftermarket hi-power stereo in my 2013 Nissan NV200. Those tiny pins on the low-power NV200 radio main white connector are not big enough to h...

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Remove cover1


Nissan NV200 Compustar Remote Start Install

This is step by step installation of a Compustar CM7000 Remote Start and Security installation. Surprisingly, I couldn't find information online for a Nissan NV...

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2005 Pontiac Vibe Door Buzzer removal

The door/key/seatbelt buzzer was driving me crazy.... it had to go. Here is how to I ripped it out. (Don't throw it away, you can always put it back in for when...

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Alternator removed


Alternator rebuild

An alternator is a fairly simple car item to repair. I've repaired about 50 of them and 99% of the time the fault is always worn brushes. You can buy new brushe...

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