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Makermaze was created to provide a meeting place for “Maker” fans and provide a place to display their  projects,  car repair tips,  inventions, or whatever they feel may be of interest to others.


Please follow these general posting guidelines.

1. All posted content should be suitable for the general public.

2. All posts/ads are free.

3. Businesses may post projects with links to their store or company.

4. Poster must have appropriate permissions to post pictures and other material.

5. Inventors: If you are posting an invention which you have for sale,  please state if you have been granted a Patent and/or what your Patent status is.

6. Free posts/ads remain online indefinitely depending on usage and public appeal. Users may delete their own posts/ads at any time. Duplicate posting in multiple categories is discouraged. There is no limit for number of ads/posts per user/poster at this time..

One link is allowed for small, independently owned businesses to promote their own product or service if it relates to their post. For example a car alarm installer who posts a useful write-up complete with pictures on how to install a tilt sensor more effectively in a car, may also post a link to his shop which provides this service. Link appropriateness remains at the sole discretion of Makermaze, and we will remove any links that are flagged as spam, or have inappropriate links themselves on them.


Makermaze reseves the right to change these rules, or modify/delete any posts which contain inappropriate language or other content, at the sole discretion of Makermaze.